Legal Professionals

As an accounting firm for Lawyers in Toronto, we offer a wide range of accounting,  tax and advisory services to meet your needs regardless of the stage at which you are in within your career as a Lawyer. Our team of Chartered Accountants is highly experienced in all aspects of accounting, tax, and advisory services for Lawyers and legal professionals.

We understand that as a Lawyer or legal practice owner, you want more from your Chartered Accountant than just a set of financial statements or corporate tax return preparation. As a client of Capstone LLP, you will gain the benefit of regular access to our experienced Chartered Accountants and law industry experts. Our team can provide you with general business and tax advice, as well as assistance with purchasing, opening or selling a legal practice.

We offer the following accounting, tax and advisory services for Lawyers:


Accounting and Advisory Services for Lawyers

  • Professional corporation creation and structuring
  • Practice acquisition accounting and advisory
  • Practice sale accounting and advisory
  • Legal practice consulting
  • Process improvement and profit maximization
  • Financial statement compilation

Tax Services for Lawyers

  • Legal professional corporation tax return (T2) preparation
  • Sole proprietor Lawyer tax return (T1) preparation
  • Tax planning for Lawyers
  • Holding company structuring
  • Salary vs. dividend consideration
  • Income and capital tax minimization

Contact us today for a free consultation

Contact us today for a free consultation 

Benefits for Our Clients

Customer Service Guarantee

When you hire a Chartered Accountant, you expect to be able to rely on them, not only for their expertise, but also to get your calls, emails and questions answered in a timely manner. We expect even more from ourselves, and guarantee that each of our legal professional clients is satisfied with our level of customer service.

Valuable Experience

We have over three decades of experience in accounting and tax for Lawyers within our firm. We apply our expertise and tailor our approach to suit your needs and deliver the results that you expect. As our client, you have the opportunity to leverage all of our knowledge and experience.

Always On Time

We understand that as a Lawyer or legal practice owner you have important deadlines that must be met, such as corporate tax filing and personal tax filing deadlines. We ensure that we always deliver our accounting and tax services on-time, without sacrificing quality in our work.

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